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2021 Next Generation MCAS Student Growth Report - Holbrook (01330000) Subject: ELA - Grade:3-8

Holbrook Middle High School
 - 246 Students Included
 - 42% Meeting or Exceeding Expectations
 - Mean SGP 30.8 John F Kennedy
 - 95 Students Included
 - 45% Meeting or Exceeding Expectations
 - Mean SGP 33.7
Students Included
School Avg. SGP % Meeting or Exceeding Expectations Included in SGP Part. Rate %
Holbrook Middle High School 30.8 42 246 96
John F Kennedy 33.7 45 95 99

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NOTE: Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years.
If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

SGP for Grade 4 is not available in 2021, since MCAS was not administered in 2020 due to the cancellation of state assessments and school closures related to COVID-19.

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