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Next Generation MCAS Tests 2021
Percent of Students at Each Achievement Level for Springfield Public Day Elementary School

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GRADE 04 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS9490694355383613 1179 475.6N/AN/A
GRADE 04 - MATHEMATICS9330492927436424 1179 467.2N/AN/A
GRADE 05 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS204708203930415012 1091 475.1N/A 7
GRADE 05 - MATHEMATICS334294720 873N/A 5
GRADE 05 - SCIENCE427363919 873N/AN/A
GRADES 03 - 08 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS194608193848383316 2782 480.2N/A 7
GRADES 03 - 08 - MATHEMATICS8330582942455022 2679 471.0N/A 5
GRADES 05 & 08 - SCIENCE427344117 873N/AN/A

Click on any Grade and Subject rows in the table to view Achievement Level in graph.

NOTE: Grade 10 results for spring 2021 STE are not provided because students in the class of 2023 were not required to take the STE test. Information about CD requirements is available at

SGP for Grade 4 is not available in 2021, since MCAS was not administered in 2020 due to the cancellation of state assessments and school closures related to COVID-19.

Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years. If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

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