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Admissions Requirements

Below is a summary of admissions requirements for educator preparation programs at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels followed by a more detailed description of admissions requirements. All information is reported by the educator preparation provider.

Summary of Admissions Requirements - 2017
Background check No No
Essay or personal statement No No
Fingerprint check No No
Interview Yes Yes
Minimum ACT score No No
Minimum GPA Yes Yes
Minimum GPA in content area coursework No No
Minimum GPA in professional education coursework No No
Minimum SAT score No No
Minimum basic skills test score No No
Minimum number of courses/credits/semester hours completed Yes Yes
Recommendation(s) Yes Yes
Subject area/academic content test or other subject matter verification Yes Yes
Transcript Yes Yes
Other No No

Description of Admissions Requirements

Baccalaureate Programs:
Acceptance into the program occurs in second semester of sophomore year, contingent upon maintaining a grade point average of 3.00 or better, successful completion of the MTEL CLST, and major department recommendation.

Post-baccalaureate Programs:

1. Prerequisite:
Bachelor?s Degree

2. Provisional Acceptance
Complete all components of Admission Process (application, transcripts, recommendation, essay, resume, interview- strongly recommended)

3. Full Acceptance
Completion of all components in number 2 above, B or better in first 2 graduate courses, successful completion of Communication and Literacy MTEL