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Mount Holyoke College

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Below is a list of the Massachusetts public school districts, charter schools or collaboratives identified as partner organizations along with a description of the partnerships. All information is reported by the educator preparation program provider.

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Partnership Description:
Mount Holyoke?s undergraduate teacher licensure programs benefit from sustained partnerships with the Amherst-Pelham Regional District, Holyoke Public Schools, South Hadley Public Schools and the Gorse Child Study Center (on campus) wherein licensure candidates complete in-depth field experiences supervised by accomplished practitioners within these partner schools. Education faculty actively engage with each of these districts through committee work, advisory groups, staff meetings, surveys and site visits both to improve the effectiveness of our licensure programs and to strengthen our collaboration. Program faculty also provide professional development for in-service teachers and assist in the implementation of school and district improvement plans as requested.

Mout Holyoke?s Master of Arts in Teaching program partners with Expeditionary Learning, a comprehensive school reform organization. This partnership includes The Springfield Renaissance School, John. J. Duggan Middle School in Springfield, the Four Rivers Public Charter School in Greenfield, and the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School in South Hadley. Licensure students complete pre-practicum and practicum field experiences under the supervision of experienced practitioners. Teachers from these schools co-teach education courses on the Mount Holyoke College campus and provide input into our admissions process each year.

We also maintain strong professional partnerships with Hampshire College, Smith College, Amherst College, and the University of Massachusetts. These partnerships result in a variety of projects and work groups that enhance the effectiveness of our programs both for our pre-service teachers and for the K-12 community.