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2012 Massachusetts State Report Card
Part II - Massachusetts and Nationwide NAEP Results

2011 Massachusetts and Nationwide NAEP Results by Student Group
Average Scaled Scores and Percentages of Students at Each Achievement Level

NAEP, or the National Assessment of Educational Progress, is often called the "Nation's Report Card." It is the only measure of student achievement in the United States that allows you to compare the performance of students in Massachusetts with the performance of students across the nation or in other states. Students take the NAEP in reading and mathematics every two years. When reviewing these results, it is important to keep in mind that the NAEP results are based on a small sample of students across Massachusetts, not the population of Massachusetts students. For more information, please visit http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/naep/faq.html.

The following symbols are used to denote the NAEP achievement levels: A for Advanced, P+ for Proficient and above, B+ for Basic and above, BB for Below Basic. The symbol "#" means that the estimated number of students rounds to zero.

All Students 23716508317100 2207326634100
Stud. w/ Disab 213422564414 186211326811
LEP/FLEP 20411246547 18817307011
African American/Black 21632461399 205216495116
Asian/Pacific Islander 243255685156 234174979215
Hispanic/Latino 216423623814 205218505023
White 2431859891168 2301042772352
Low-Income 218425663433 207218524852

All Students 2531358937100 2406408218100
Stud. w/ Disab 233326762416 218217554512
LEP/FLEP 22822072287 219114584211
African American/Black 23532781199 224117663416
Asian/Pacific Islander 26730769826 25620629195
Hispanic/Latino 236432802015 229224722824
White 258156796468 24995291952
Low-Income 239436831734 229224732752

All Students 2756468416100 2643327525100
Stud. w/ Disab 249116594114 230#7366410
LEP/FLEP 211#117833 223#329715
African American/Black 25522068327 248114584216
Asian/Pacific Islander 288146190104 27584682185
Hispanic/Latino 248118594113 251118633722
White 28285391973 272441841654
Low-Income 257125703032 251118633748

All Students 29915518614100 2838347228100
Stud. w/ Disab 268316564416 24929356511
LEP/FLEP 2471833673 2441528726
African American/Black 27542665358 262113505016
Asian/Pacific Islander 32039729464 302225585156
Hispanic/Latino 273321643613 269320604023
White 304175891973 2931043831754
Low-Income 280529722833 269219594148

Participation Rates for Students with Disabilities and for English Language Learner Students

The NAEP program has always endeavored to assess all students selected for testing. In all NAEP schools, accommodations are provided as necessary for students with disabilities and/or English language learners. School staff who are familiar with these students are asked a series of questions to help them decide whether each student should participate in the assessment and whether the student needs accommodations.

Grade/Subject # in Sample % of Sample – Students with Disabilities % of Sample – English Language Learners % of Students Excluded from Original Sample
Grade 4 Reading 5,0001476
Grade 4 Mathematics 5,0001673
Grade 8 Reading 3,6001436
Grade 8 Mathematics 3,8001634