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2012 Massachusetts State Report Card
Part I - Enrollment & Educator Data

A highly qualified teacher is defined as a teacher holding a Massachusetts teaching license at the Provisional, Initial, or Professional level and demonstrating subject matter competency in the areas they teach. Core academic areas include English, reading or language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history, and geography. (Notes: Self-contained classroom courses have been weighted to reflect the core academic courses within them.)
High poverty schools are schools in the top quartile of poverty in the state. Low poverty schools are in the bottom quartile of poverty in the state.
Waivers are granted to unlicensed or inappropriately licensed personnel upon district request if the district was unable, after making a good faith effort, to find a capable, appropriately licensed candidate for a teaching position. Waivers are valid for only one school year. For more information on waivers, please see the section entitled About the Data at the end of this document.
Enrollment (2011-12)
Race/Ethnicity (%)
African American or Black 8.3
Asian 5.7
Hispanic or Latino 16.1
Multi-race, Non-Hispanic 2.5
Native American 0.2
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.1
White 67.0
Gender (%)
Male 51.3
Female 48.7
Selected Populations (%)
English Language Learner 7.3
Low-Income 35.2
Students w/Disabilities 17.0
First Language Not English 16.7

Educator Data (2011-12)
 All SchoolsHigh PovertyLow Poverty
Total # of Teachers 69,341.917,459.516,531.3
Percentage of Teachers Licensed in Teaching Assignment 97.895.898.9
Total Number of Classes in Core Academic Areas 339,88784,46381,447
Percentage of Core Academic Classes Taught by Teachers Who are Highly Qualified 97.895.599.1
Percentage of Core Academic Classes Taught by Teachers Who are Not Highly Qualified
Student/Teacher Ratio 13.7 to 113.3 to 114.5 to 1
Percentage of Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers Issued Waivers 1.0--

School and District Profiles