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Sizer School: A North Central Charter Essential (District)

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Charter School Type:Commonwealth
District Operating Status:Operating
District Title I Status:Title I District
High Quality College and Career Pathway designee:Yes
Mass District Type:Independent Public including Charters
Mission Statement:The Sizer School, a North Central Charter Essential School is a public school where students are known personally, challenged intellectually, and participate actively in their learning. Guided by its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, the school seeks to send graduates into the world who THINK for themselves, CARE about others, and ACT creatively and responsibly.
School Year End Date (MM/DD):06/17
School Year Start Date (MM/DD):9/1
NCES ID:2500073
Organization Description:Sizer School is a public charter school serving students in grades 7-12 from over 20 towns in north central MA. We accept student applications for students entering 7th grade through 10th grade.