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Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical

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Per Pupil Expenditures, All Funds

Year In-District Expenditures Total In-district FTEs In-District Expenditures per Pupil Total Expenditures Total Pupil FTEs Total Expenditures per Pupil
2015 $19,070,081.81 675.6 $28,226.88 $19,108,065.81 677.4 $28,207.95
2016 $19,960,798.00 616.8 $32,361.86 $19,968,898.00 618.4 $32,291.23

Chapter 70 Foundation Budget and Net School Spending

Year Required NSS Actual NSS Amount Over or Under Required Actual NSS as % of Required Foundation Budget Actual NSS as % OF Foundation
2015 $8,020,343.00 $9,992,434.00 $1,972,091.00 125 $7,154,168.00 140