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Massachusetts School and District Profiles


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Per Pupil Expenditures, All Funds

Year In-District Expenditures Total In-district FTEs In-District Expenditures per Pupil Total Expenditures Total Pupil FTEs Total Expenditures per Pupil
2017 $22,601,630.00 1,716.8 $13,164.98 $25,333,467.00 1,837.1 $13,789.92
2016 $22,797,753.00 1,761.2 $12,944.44 $25,386,255.00 1,889.2 $13,437.57

Chapter 70 Foundation Budget and Net School Spending

Year Required NSS Actual NSS Amount Over or Under Required Actual NSS as % of Required Foundation Budget Actual NSS as % OF Foundation
2016 $19,613,708.00 $20,705,050.00 $1,091,342.00 106 $19,226,331.00 108

School and District Profiles