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Massachusetts School and District Profiles


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Per Pupil Expenditures, All Funds

Year In-District Expenditures Total In-district FTEs In-District Expenditures per Pupil Total Expenditures Total Pupil FTEs Total Expenditures per Pupil
2016 $13,607,724,142.00 908,996.2 $14,970.06 $15,213,412,780.00 982,246.8 $15,488.38
2017 $13,987,661,137.00 911,248.2 $15,350.00 $15,703,195,950.00 986,916.1 $15,911.38

Per Pupil Expenditures by Source of Funds

The total dollars spent per student funding source. Includes per-pupil expenditures across all public school districts, including charter schools.

Year Per Pupil Expenditures (State & Local Funds) % of Total Expenditures per Pupil from State & Local Funds Per Pupil Expenditures (Federal Funds) % of Total Expenditures per Pupil from Federal Funds Total Expenditures per Pupil
2017 $14,847.33 96 $602.29 4 $15,449.62

Chapter 70 Foundation Budget and Net School Spending

Year Required NSS Actual NSS Amount Over or Under Required Actual NSS as % of Required Foundation Budget Actual NSS as % OF Foundation
2016 $10,487,749,773.00 $12,608,181,537.00 $2,120,431,764.00 120 $10,090,177,272.00 125

School and District Profiles