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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS

Number of Students Included: 26

01MCMF1.777%76% 0877412B
02MCWV4.188%87% 008488D
03MCWV4.177%80% 0419770C
04MCEM5.469%70% 06912415A
05MCWV4.465%49% 0442765D
06MCMF1.288%76% 008848B
07MCHT3.277%68% 0771248A
08MCMF1.654%61% 02781254D
09MCMF1.277%81% 0477415B
10MCWV4.662%62% 0624314A
11MCMF2.450%55% 05038012A
12OREM5.22.122.07 823312712
13MCEM5.365%74% 01519650C
14MCEM5.1100%84% 0010000B
15MCMF1.588%73% 0120880C
16MCMF2.273%56% 0881273D
17MCEM5.558%68% 0425800B
18MCHT3.377%73% 0481277D
19MCMF1.450%60% 01205038C
20MCWV4.669%63% 01281269D
21MCWV6.165%62% 06515812A
22MCHT3.469%47% 0698158A
23ORMF2.21.541.80 351223274
24MCMF2.362%69% 08191262D
25MCWV4.358%65% 05827150A
26MCMF2.138%49% 015311538D
27MCMF1.481%57% 0810415A
28MCWV6.258%64% 00123158D
29MCMF2.550%53% 08502319B
30MCHT3.150%60% 01283150D
31MCMF1.385%77% 0008515C
32ORWV4.30.771.36 35541200
33MCWV4.458%60% 02758150B
34MCEM5.369%80% 0881569D
35MCWV4.265%60% 04121965D
36MCHT3.269%69% 0469423B
37MCWV4.285%71% 085808A
38MCEM5.673%65% 0473158B
39MCEM5.281%79% 0081154B
40MCMF1.162%62% 062121512A
41MCMF2.588%87% 048880C
42MCEM5.292%80% 049204B
43MCMF1.862%64% 0386200B
44ORMF1.22.192.08 151212620
45ORHT3.31.621.51 231538230

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