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2010 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS

Number of Students Included: 121

01MCHT3.376%85% 0761563A
02MCMF1.571%77% 0577117C
03MCHT3.275%78% 0755191A
04MCWV6.128%40% 021212829C
05MCMF1.158%55% 07582610B
06MCEM5.159%64% 08215912C
07MCEM5.280%80% 0105805C
08MCMF2.560%59% 060181111A
09MCHT3.163%69% 012631312B
10MCMF2.443%55% 043182612A
11MCWV4.164%65% 07101964D
12ORHT3.41.351.61 17403670
13MCWV6.255%66% 0828558C
14MCWV4.650%55% 07205022C
15MCEM5.367%68% 0424675C
16MCWV4.359%53% 02259118B
17MCMF1.739%57% 02239317B
18MCMF2.325%37% 028312517C
19MCEM5.669%72% 01276912C
20MCWV4.246%52% 04621240A
21MCMF2.137%46% 27282637D
22MCMF2.588%79% 028865B
23ORMF1.61.121.38 353123111
24MCEM5.580%77% 0312805C
25MCHT3.457%66% 1828576C
26MCMF1.559%69% 0859429B
27MCWV4.161%58% 0226188B
28MCMF2.274%68% 0744517A
29MCWV4.245%47% 07453117B
30MCHT3.355%68% 03105531C
31MCMF1.870%73% 0270523B
32ORWV6.21.571.82 221743162
33MCEM5.272%77% 07721011B
34MCMF1.462%52% 06262210A
35MCEM5.180%80% 180767A
36MCMF2.463%63% 0256357B
37MCMF1.271%71% 0522712C
38MCEM5.460%64% 014166010C
39MCWV4.527%40% 029273311B
40MCMF1.264%63% 0641889A
41MCWV4.430%43% 031163023C
42MCMF1.381%85% 156781D
43MCWV4.359%56% 05922316A
44ORMF2.12.082.04 1218312612
45OREM5.51.401.75 302623174

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