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2016 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS

Number of Students Included: 330

01MCMF2.390%81% 023590D
02MCEM5.285%77% 0851222A
03MCWV6.162%54% 013136211C
04MCHT3.382%74% 0122824C
05MCMF1.181%67% 0151481D
06MCHT3.468%60% 0688186A
07MCEM5.478%68% 0241578D
08MCWV4.686%78% 0013186D
09MCEM5.583%70% 078832C
10MCMF1.595%81% 009513B
11MCMF2.591%81% 040591D
12ORWV4.52.502.15 223203123
13MCMF2.593%90% 069310B
14MCMF1.390%82% 044902C
15MCMF1.773%62% 0731682A
16MCHT3.175%67% 0175123B
17MCEM5.385%81% 0328510C
18MCHT3.294%86% 022194D
19MCMF1.884%76% 067843C
20MCEM5.566%59% 01666315B
21MCWV6.260%57% 160121017A
22MCMF2.278%67% 0112789C
23OREM5.42.642.03 57401434
24MCMF1.282%73% 0128215B
25MCWV4.257%54% 05718205A
26MCEM5.182%68% 036982D
27MCHT3.294%88% 029431B
28MCMF2.170%59% 0227053B
29MCWV4.165%56% 0322652C
30MCMF1.490%72% 032590D
31MCWV6.284%81% 078454B
32ORMF1.22.662.09 35481233
33MCMF2.488%80% 0201088D
34MCWV4.559%47% 0592956A
35MCEM5.283%71% 0832114A
36MCWV4.482%72% 0138215C
37MCMF1.488%80% 083881C
38MCMF1.391%86% 081191D
39MCMF1.671%58% 0719713C
40MCWV4.382%79% 082882A
41MCEM5.683%75% 077832C
42MCWV4.273%68% 03731212B
43MCWV4.481%69% 0081281D
44ORHT3.31.811.52 92251172
45ORMF2.51.921.51 72542234

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