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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS CHEMISTRY

Number of Students Included: 53

Dighton-Rehoboth - GRADE HS CHEMISTRY
01MCTH1.366%64% 0006634C
02MCSO7.194%64% 094204A
03MCAS3.491%63% 091009A
04MCBR5.394%74% 029422B
05MCBR5.483%72% 083890A
06MCTH6.262%56% 09621513B
07MCAS2.592%65% 029206B
08MCBR8.472%51% 0042572D
09MCSO8.391%58% 049124B
10MCSO7.260%40% 02115604C
11ORSO7.43.212.51 09132553
12MCTH6.181%67% 0213814C
13MCBR5.294%81% 042094D
14MCSO7.687%47% 0087130B
15MCTH6.174%61% 0074917B
16MCBR4.698%66% 002098D
17MCAS2.164%60% 2264428B
18MCBR4.587%58% 084872C
19MCAS2.2100%72% 0010000B
20MCBR4.375%63% 0407521C
21MCBR4.183%57% 0015283D
22MCTH6.596%74% 096004A
23ORAS2.52.572.19 4826539
24MCTH1.398%87% 000982C
25MCTH6.262%68% 00172162D
26MCBR4.460%52% 0260830B
27MCBR5.194%58% 024094D
28MCTH1.196%81% 096400A
29MCBR4.198%84% 020098D
30MCTH6.496%82% 020296D
31MCBR4.291%82% 091900A
32MCBR5.396%79% 002962C
33ORAS2.32.922.30 61981355
34MCBR5.592%77% 006922C
35MCTH1.2100%92% 0000100D
36MCSO8.162%46% 06621517B
37MCSO7.372%58% 06111172D
38MCSO8.279%65% 0441379D
39MCAS2.683%62% 068348B
40MCTH1.285%67% 085646A
41MCAS3.392%82% 042292D
42MCBR5.479%58% 0047917C
43MCAS3.292%74% 020692D
44ORTH6.32.491.67 019323019
45ORBR4.31.891.50 112630266

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