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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS BIOLOGY

Number of Students Included: 55

01MCEV5.178%87% 0013978D
02MCBC2.158%68% 01358227B
03MCAP4.591%94% 049124B
04MCEV5.262%78% 0742762D
05MCEV5.358%74% 01858222B
06MCBC2.771%72% 01621171D
07MCEC6.344%61% 044152418A
08MCBC1.255%71% 05522915A
09MCBC1.371%79% 0971137B
10MCBC1.271%79% 0719119A
11MCBC1.345%62% 016452415B
12ORAP4.11.622.37 183125224
13MCEV5.338%59% 038112525A
14MCGE3.475%79% 0157555B
15MCEC6.280%81% 057780D
16MCEC6.422%42% 016253622D
17MCGE3.376%84% 0164764C
18MCGE3.665%80% 01116657C
19MCEC6.231%58% 044311511B
20MCEV5.147%75% 02047249B
21MCAP4.740%69% 013224025C
22MCGE3.644%72% 011274418C
23ORGE3.11.491.95 153636112
24MCAP4.269%82% 01196911C
25MCGE3.464%78% 01564165B
26MCEV5.227%62% 05274720B
27MCBC2.851%76% 020151551D
28MCBC2.573%90% 0739154A
29MCEV5.175%79% 0575416B
30MCBC2.224%49% 020292724D
31MCBC1.167%87% 06711184A
32OREV5.31.692.11 4365154
33MCEC6.155%67% 020135513C
34MCBC2.371%79% 01171154B
35MCEC6.345%79% 04540015A
36MCEC6.420%58% 09204427B
37MCGE3.553%67% 27245315C
38MCGE3.249%70% 02025549D
39MCAP4.329%58% 02333629D
40MCEV5.233%68% 011292733D
41MCGE3.342%60% 042162516A
42MCEC6.260%74% 05602015B
43MCAP4.864%77% 0227764D
44ORBC2.41.001.77 42311845
45OREC6.11.271.99 16492590

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