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2016 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS BIOLOGY

Number of Students Included: 14

01MCEC6.493%92% 009307B
02MCGE3.357%74% 014571414B
03MCEC6.186%83% 086077A
04MCAP4.693%89% 007930C
05MCEV5.286%74% 0001486D
06MCGE3.650%74% 0050437B
07MCBC2.364%87% 0360064D
08MCAP4.136%61% 04373614C
09MCBC1.250%57% 01450036B
10MCAP4.879%83% 077797C
11MCAP4.271%70% 0707121C
12ORAP4.21.571.58 213621714
13MCBC2.850%57% 07212150D
14MCEC6.279%81% 0147790C
15MCEC6.393%93% 007093D
16MCEC6.171%77% 00147114C
17MCGE3.164%61% 0721647C
18MCBC2.571%86% 0717210A
19MCBC2.250%74% 0773650D
20MCBC2.164%67% 0647217A
21MCEV5.371%84% 01407114C
22MCGE3.571%77% 01414071D
23OREV5.21.431.90 14502177
24MCEV5.279%77% 0140797C
25MCBC2.179%68% 077797C
26MCEV5.179%85% 0210790C
27MCGE3.671%86% 0771021B
28MCEC6.371%84% 0147717C
29MCBC2.771%84% 01471140B
30MCEV5.379%92% 0790147A
31MCBC2.671%74% 0711477A
32ORBC2.11.362.04 501402114
33MCGE3.429%70% 02936297C
34MCBC1.371%73% 0771714B
35MCEV5.150%75% 07295014C
36MCEV5.186%88% 078607B
37MCGE3.650%81% 07501429B
38MCBC1.136%78% 0773650C
39MCGE3.150%66% 00292150D
40MCEV5.193%80% 007093D
41MCEC6.464%71% 0721647C
42MCEC6.271%58% 0771471D
43MCAP4.471%78% 01471140B
44ORGE3.31.291.64 29437147
45OREC6.11.792.09 2914212114

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