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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 165

01MCGE10.G.785%80% 155585D
02MCME10.M.170%63% 0168707C
03MCSP10.D.278%72% 1781550A
04MCSP10.D.179%76% 0104779D
05MCPR10.P.247%53% 01530477C
06MCNS10.N.261%52% 1253161D
07MCPR10.P.471%62% 17112134A
08MCSP10.D.188%81% 078814B
09MCNS10.N.458%52% 02291158D
10MCPR10.P.158%50% 019581212B
11MCNS10.N.255%60% 0185536C
12MCNS10.N.390%80% 025903C
13MCSP10.D.194%85% 049420B
14MCNS10.N.157%57% 02571525B
15SANS10.N.261%57% 3961
16SAME10.M.270%68% 3070
17ORNS10.N.22.792.25 812161845
18SAPR10.P.190%86% 1090
19SANS10.N.352%48% 4852
20ORGE10.G.91.441.70 12493117
21ORPR10.P.72.922.28 71881156
22MCGE10.G.390%85% 017902C
23MCSP10.D.178%75% 0578125B
24MCPR10.P.650%51% 050211019A
25MCPR10.P.249%55% 010491922B
26MCME10.M.359%60% 0597277A
27MCSP10.D.167%62% 0142967D
28MCGE10.G.1162%49% 0582562D
29MCME10.M.170%66% 01191070D
30MCPR10.P.644%40% 044241913A
31ORPR10.P.83.272.96 18112258
32MCNS8.N.392%90% 124922C
33MCGE10.G.596%89% 029611B
34MCSP10.D.192%88% 039232B
35MCPR10.P.748%50% 0441748D
36MCME10.M.195%89% 029511B
37MCPR10.P.761%56% 08611417B
38MCSP10.D.191%89% 034912C
39MCPR10.P.892%84% 052922C
40MCME10.M.195%86% 020952C
41ORSP10.D.12.672.42 45353025
42ORME10.M.22.992.68 55163043

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