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South Shore Charter Public (District)

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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 31

South Shore Charter Public (District) - GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS
01MCGE10.G.7100%80% 0000100D
02MCME10.M.194%63% 030943C
03MCSP10.D.290%72% 0901000A
04MCSP10.D.181%76% 0310681D
05MCPR10.P.252%53% 06235219C
06MCNS10.N.268%52% 0062668D
07MCPR10.P.458%62% 358101613A
08MCSP10.D.184%81% 068436B
09MCNS10.N.435%52% 026191935D
10MCPR10.P.152%50% 023521610B
11MCNS10.N.2100%60% 0001000C
12MCNS10.N.397%80% 000973C
13MCSP10.D.194%85% 039430B
14MCNS10.N.161%57% 06611913B
15SANS10.N.281%57% 1981
16SAME10.M.271%68% 2971
17ORNS10.N.22.162.25 1626131629
18SAPR10.P.177%86% 2377
19SANS10.N.358%48% 4258
20ORGE10.G.91.681.70 163529316
21ORPR10.P.72.102.28 64513332
22MCGE10.G.387%85% 036873C
23MCSP10.D.187%75% 038763B
24MCPR10.P.658%51% 058131910A
25MCPR10.P.268%55% 06681610B
26MCME10.M.345%60% 045102916A
27MCSP10.D.165%62% 0033265D
28MCGE10.G.1181%49% 0001981D
29MCME10.M.197%66% 000397D
30MCPR10.P.645%40% 04516326A
31ORPR10.P.83.002.96 03234529
32MCNS8.N.397%90% 000973C
33MCGE10.G.597%89% 039700B
34MCSP10.D.1100%88% 0010000B
35MCPR10.P.758%50% 03291058D
36MCME10.M.194%89% 039430B
37MCPR10.P.765%56% 03651023B
38MCSP10.D.190%89% 033903C
39MCPR10.P.897%84% 030970C
40MCME10.M.194%86% 006940C
41ORSP10.D.12.612.42 313234219
42ORME10.M.22.452.68 1313231932

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