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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 57    

Sizer School: A North Central Charter Essential (District) - GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS
1AI.A-APR.A.01Multiply two polynomial expressions.
2AI.F-IF.A.02Evaluate a quadratic function for different input values.
3GEO.G-C.A.02Use an inscribed right triangle to determine the circumference of a circle.
4GEO.G-CO.B.06Identify transformations that would produce a congruent figure.
5AI.A-REI.C.06Solve for one variable in a system of linear equations algebraically.
6AI.A-SSE.A.02Factor a trinomial expression.
7AI.A-REI.D.12Graph the solution set of a linear inequality in two variables.
8GEO.G-GPE.B.05Identify an equation of a line perpendicular to a given line.
9AI.N-RN.A.02Evaluate expressions involving radicals and rational exponents.
10AI.S-ID.A.02Compare measures of center and spread of two data sets.
11GEO.G-GPE.B.06Find the midpoint of a line segment graphed on a coordinate plane.
12GEO.S-CP.B.06Calculate conditional probabilities of real-world events from a description.
13AI.A-REI.B.04Find the solutions of a quadratic equation in one variable.
14AI.S-ID.A.02Interpret data in a data display and compare the measures of center of the data sets.
15AI.N-Q.A.02Estimate the solution of a real-world problem using units.
16GEO.G-SRT.A.03Use similarity criteria to identify and name similar triangles.
17AI.A-SSE.B.03Factor a quadratic trinomial expression.
18GEO.G-SRT.A.01Graph a figure on a coordinate plane after a dilation.
19AI.N-RN.B.03Consider and complete statements about operations with rational and irrational numbers.
20AI.A-REI.B.03Determine the solution set of a linear inequality in one variable.
21GEO.G-SRT.C.06Use a trigonometric ratio to determine a missing side length in a right triangle.
22GEO.G-GMD.A.03Calculate the volume of a right square pyramid.
23AI.S-ID.B.05Complete a two-way table that represents a real-world situation.
24AI.F-IF.A.01Identify a graph that does not represent a functional relationship.
25GEO.G-CO.A.05Graph a figure on a coordinate plane after a reflection.
26GEO.G-GPE.B.07Calculate the perimeter of a parallelogram shown on a coordinate plane.
27GEO.G-GMD.A.03Calculate the volume of a sphere.
28AI.F-IF.C.09Compare the properties of linear functions represented in different ways.
29AI.A-SSE.A.01Interpret part of an expression that represents a real-world situation.
30GEO.G-CO.A.02Describe transformations that create congruent and non-congruent images and determine the coordinates of the vertices of transformed figures.
31AI.A-REI.A.01Justify each step in the solution of a linear equation.
32GEO.G-CO.C.11Determine the number of sides of a regular polygon based on the measures of its exterior angles.
33AI.N-Q.A.01Use dimensional analysis to equate actual distances and those on a map.
34GEO.G-SRT.B.05Use similar triangles to determine a missing side length.
35AI.A-CED.A.01Create exponential equations from a formula and use them to solve real-world problems.
36GEO.G-SRT.C.08Use the Pythagorean theorem to solve a real-world problem.
37AI.F-LE.A.02Identify the features of a linear function from values in a table and write an equation for another linear function shown on a graph.
38AI.A-CED.A.02Determine a system of two-variable equations based on a real-world situation.
39GEO.G-CO.A.03Identify a transformation that would carry a figure onto itself.
40AI.F-LE.B.05Interpret parameters of linear functions based on a real-world situation.
41GEO.G-C.B.05Determine the area of a sector of a circle.
42AI.S-ID.B.06Identify the method for drawing the line of best fit for data displayed in a scatter plot.

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