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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 77

01MCGE10.G.782%80% 0161082D
02MCME10.M.148%63% 13514814C
03MCSP10.D.279%72% 0791451A
04MCSP10.D.166%76% 013101066D
05MCPR10.P.257%53% 01321579C
06MCNS10.N.257%52% 0463257D
07MCPR10.P.452%62% 052221214A
08MCSP10.D.182%81% 088283B
09MCNS10.N.449%52% 02362149D
10MCPR10.P.149%50% 022491712B
11MCNS10.N.245%60% 01134540C
12MCNS10.N.373%80% 1567314C
13MCSP10.D.188%85% 068841B
14MCNS10.N.158%57% 05581323B
15SANS10.N.243%57% 5743
16SAME10.M.270%68% 3070
17ORNS10.N.22.212.25 211991931
18SAPR10.P.190%86% 1090
19SANS10.N.345%48% 5545
20ORGE10.G.92.211.70 43625530
21ORPR10.P.72.142.28 212282129
22MCGE10.G.382%85% 0310825C
23MCSP10.D.177%75% 197785B
24MCPR10.P.664%51% 06416129A
25MCPR10.P.252%55% 014521222B
26MCME10.M.355%60% 05562118A
27MCSP10.D.162%62% 0133462D
28MCGE10.G.1151%49% 05133151D
29MCME10.M.162%66% 01981062D
30MCPR10.P.647%40% 047142613A
31ORPR10.P.83.002.96 69161653
32MCNS8.N.386%90% 0310861C
33MCGE10.G.581%89% 098119B
34MCSP10.D.182%88% 148294B
35MCPR10.P.764%50% 0325964D
36MCME10.M.183%89% 0108343B
37MCPR10.P.756%56% 06562117B
38MCSP10.D.187%89% 036874C
39MCPR10.P.881%84% 164818C
40MCME10.M.179%86% 1347913C
41ORSP10.D.12.352.42 123322518
42ORME10.M.22.572.68 161861347

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