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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 54

North Central Charter Essential (District) - GRADE 10 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
01MCLT10.1581%86% 0611812C
02MCLT10.1391%91% 091622A
03MCLT10.1385%87% 067285D
04MCLT10.1581%75% 0041581D
05MCLT10.1393%91% 020936C
06MCLT10.1370%79% 0761770D
07MCLT10.1381%86% 0201781D
08MCLA10.472%69% 2726615A
09ORLT10.132.392.60 0654374
10MCLT10.1470%80% 0270262B
11MCLT10.1485%89% 078526B
12MCLT10.887%83% 006787D
13MCLT10.1481%83% 0015814C
14MCLT10.1281%82% 068194B
15MCLT10.1574%80% 0074197B
16MCLT10.1272%75% 0157276B
17MCLA10.469%75% 06917114A
18ORLT10.122.042.40 01959220
19MCLT10.1250%60% 0394507C
20MCLT10.1270%69% 0702720A
21MCLT10.1274%75% 0202744C
22MCLT10.1291%91% 022691D
23MCLT10.1289%85% 007894C
24MCLT10.1283%81% 079083D
25MCLT10.1583%80% 047683D
26MCLA10.485%85% 026857C
27ORLT10.122.542.69 49284811
28MCLT10.1398%96% 009820B
29MCLT10.1391%91% 026291D
30MCLT10.1367%76% 0264467D
31MCLT10.1365%63% 09131365D
32MCLT10.1389%93% 060896C
33MCLA10.593%90% 062930C
34MCLA10.470%83% 2470420B
35ORLT10.132.482.85 01531449
36MCLT10.1683%83% 0248311C
37MCLT10.1680%82% 2408015C
38MCLT10.1154%62% 06202054D
39MCLA10.476%81% 076779A
40MCLA10.485%87% 085276A

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