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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 08 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 111    

18.EE.A.04Convert a number given in scientific notation to a number in standard notation.
28.NS.A.02Identify a point on a number line that corresponds to the approximate location of an irrational number.
38.EE.A.01Use the properties of integer exponents to determine an expression equivalent to a given expression.
48.EE.C.07Determine the solution to a linear equation by using the distributive property.
58.F.A.02Compare properties of two different functions, representing real-world contexts, graphically and verbally; write equations that represent functions.
68.NS.A.02Determine the location of an irrational number between two rational numbers on a number line.
78.EE.A.03Determine how many times greater one number is than another when both are expressed as single digits multiplied by integer powers of ten.
88.EE.A.01Apply the properties of integer exponents to simplify a given expression.
98.EE.C.07Solve a pair of linear equations expressed as verbal descriptions.
108.G.A.05Determine the measure of an unknown angle in a figure containing two parallel lines cut by a transversal.
118.G.B.07Choose side lengths to create a right triangle.
128.G.A.03Determine the coordinates of the image of a vertex of a polygon after the polygon has been reflected over the x-axis.
138.G.A.05Given parallel lines cut by a transversal, select all angles that must be congruent to one of the angles.
148.EE.B.05Interpret and compare proportional relationships on a graph, and identify an equation to represent the relationship.
158.SP.A.04Interpret a two-way table to answer statistical questions about categorical data collected from the same subjects.
168.G.A.03Transform a two-dimensional figure on a coordinate plane.
178.G.C.09Determine the volume of a sphere.
188.F.B.05Analyze a graph of a functional relationship to determine if different statements are true; then select another graph that exhibits a different qualitative feature of the functional relationship.
198.G.B.08Determine the length of a side of a right triangle graphed on the coordinate plane by using the Pythagorean Theorem.
208.G.A.04Determine which measurements belong to a triangle similar to a given triangle.
218.SP.A.01Determine which scatter plot matches a given description that includes information about linearity and direction of correlation.
228.EE.A.01Determine which expression with an exponent is equivalent to a given expression featuring multiplication of two numbers with the same base but different exponents.
238.NS.A.02Determine between which pair of integers a square root of a given number lies.
248.EE.C.08Given the graph of a system of linear equations, solve the system, write the equation of a graphed line, and determine whether a third line passing through two given points will intersect the line.
258.NS.A.01Convert a fraction to a decimal.
268.EE.A.01Apply the properties of integer exponents to generate an equivalent expression when one exponent is positive and the other exponent is negative.
278.F.B.04Determine the rate of change from a verbal description of a proportional relationship, and use that rate of change to solve a real-world problem.
288.EE.A.01Use the properties of integer exponents to determine an expression equivalent to a given expression.
298.EE.B.05Graph a real-world proportional relationship and identify an equation to represent a related relationship.
308.F.B.05Analyze a graph where a function is increasing and decreasing.
318.EE.A.03Given two quantities, each expressed as a single digit multiplied by an integer power of ten, determine how many times as much one quantity is than the other.
328.SP.A.03Interpret the meaning of the slope in a linear equation.
338.G.A.03Determine the coordinates of the image of a vertex of a polygon after the polygon has been reflected over the y-axis.
348.F.A.02Compare properties of two functions represented algebraically and in a table and interpret each function's rate of change and initial value.
358.G.A.01Given a polygon and its image after a transformation, verify congruence by analyzing properties of both; describe a series of transformations that would result in the same image of the polygon.
368.F.B.04Determine which graph has a given slope.
378.G.B.07Use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve a problem with real-world context.
388.G.A.02Determine the measure of an unknown angle in a figure by using facts about similarity.
398.F.A.01Identify y as a function of x from given input/output tables.
408.G.A.05Determine which angles are congruent when two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal.

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