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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 126    

14.OA.B.04Given a set of multiples of a number, determine the number.
24.NF.C.05Add fractions with denominators of 10 and 100.
34.NF.C.07Compare decimals given in tenths and hundredths in a list, order decimals from least to greatest, and determine which decimal from the list is closest in value to a given decimal.
44.NF.B.03Determine which expression has a value that is not equivalent to a given expression.
54.NF.C.06Locate a decimal on a zoom number line.
64.OA.A.02Write an equation with a symbol for the unknown number to represent a word problem involving multiplicative comparison and then multiply to solve problems.
74.NF.A.02Identify the correct comparisons of two fractions that are represented by visual fraction models.
84.MD.B.04Solve a word problem with addition of fractions by using data from a dot plot.
94.G.A.02Identify shapes that have at least one obtuse angle and justify why a shape is a right triangle.
104.MD.A.01Convert dimensions measured in yards to feet.
114.NBT.A.01In a given multi-digit number, recognize that the value of a digit is 10 times the value of the digit to its right.
124.NBT.A.02Write the standard form of a number given in word form.
134.G.A.03Recognize a line of symmetry for a two-dimensional figure and identify how many lines of symmetry can be drawn on the figure.
144.MD.C.07Determine an angle measure given the measures of two adjacent angles and the sum of all three angle measures.
154.OA.A.03Solve a multi-step word problem involving addition and division of whole numbers.
164.NBT.A.03Round multi-digit whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand.
174.MD.C.06Determine measures of given angles shown on protractors.
184.NF.B.04Solve a word problem by multiplying a fraction by a whole number.
194.NBT.B.04Determine the difference of two five-digit numbers.
204.MD.A.03Given the length and the width of a rectangle, determine its area.
214.NF.B.03Solve a word problem involving subtraction of a given fraction from one whole.
224.G.A.01Identify an acute angle.
234.G.A.03Identify one, two, or three or more lines of symmetry for four different figures.
244.OA.C.05Choose the statement that correctly identifies a feature of a given shape pattern.
254.NBT.A.02Compare multi-digit whole numbers given in word form and in number form.
264.NBT.B.04Determine the sum of a five-digit number and a four-digit number.
274.MD.C.05Determine the measure of an angle that turns through a portion of a circle.
284.NBT.B.06Solve a word problem by dividing a four-digit number by a one-digit number.
294.NF.B.04Use a visual fraction model to represent the product of a whole number and a unit fraction.
304.OA.B.04Identify multiples of a given number.
314.NF.A.01Identify a pair of equivalent fractions represented by a picture.
324.NBT.B.05Solve word problems by multiplying whole numbers: two digits by one digit, two digits by two digits, and four digits by one digit.
334.NF.B.03Determine which expression has a value that is equivalent to a given fraction.
344.NF.C.06Write a fraction with a denominator of 100 as a decimal.
354.MD.A.02Use a ruler to measure given objects to the nearest centimeter and solve word problems involving multiplication and addition of measurements and the conversion of meters to centimeters.
364.NF.A.01Determine which fraction is equivalent to a given fraction using a picture.
374.NF.C.07Determine which decimal is greater than a number shown on a visual model and is less than 1.
384.OA.A.01Write a multiplication equation to represent a word comparison and a word comparison to represent a multiplication equation.
394.OA.C.05Solve a word problem by determining additional terms of a given pattern.
404.G.A.01Identify whether specified line segments and angles can be found in a given figure.

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