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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 04 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 193    

1R.1.01Identify an obstacle faced by individuals in the article.
2L.3.05Determine the meaning of figurative language used in the article.
3L.3.04Determine the meaning of a word in context.
4R.1.03Identify a description of an individual from the article and choose the evidence that best supports the description.
5R.1.02Identify the main idea of the article.
6R.2.05Identify the organizational structure of the article.
7L.3.05Determine the meaning of figurative language used in the article.
8L.1.01Write an essay that explains how an individual in the article is described; use important information from the article as evidence.
9R.1.03Identify how a paragraph supports the reader's understanding of a character in the passage.
10L.3.05Identify an example of figurative language from the passage.
11R.1.01Determine what a sentence shows about an event in the passage.
12R.1.03Make an inference about a character from the passage and choose evidence from the passage that best supports the inference.
13R.1.02Identify the theme of the passage.
14R.1.03Identify the setting of the passage.
15R.1.02Select evidence that supports the main idea of the passage.
16L.1.01Write a narrative from the main character's point of view describing what might happen next in the passage.
17R.2.05Determine how a section of the passage is organized.
18R.1.01Identify a detail related to the topic of the passage.
19R.3.07Analyze how a text feature supports an idea presented in the passage.
20R.3.07Determine the importance of a text feature to the reader's understanding of the passage.
21R.1.03Select details related to the topic of the passage.
22R.1.03Identify the topic of a section of the poem and choose evidence from the poem that best supports the topic.
23R.1.01Interpret the meaning of a line in the poem.
24R.3.09Write a paragraph that explains an idea from the passage and the poem; use important details from both texts as evidence.
LA8.CONV1L.1.01Essay 8 Language ( conventions )
LA16.CONV2L.1.01Essay 16 Language ( conventions )
WR8.IDEA1W.1.02Essay 8 Writing ( idea development )
WR16.IDEA2W.1.03Essay 16 Writing ( idea development )

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