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2008 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 READING

Number of Students Included:

Tantasqua - GRADE 03 READING
01MCLT3.12 C
02MCLT3.15 B
03MCLT3.12 A
04MCLT3.8 B
05MCLT3.12 D
06MCLT3.8 B
07MCLA3.4 C
08MCLA3.5 D
09MCLT3.13 C
10MCLT3.8 A
11MCLT3.10 D
12MCLA3.4 D
13MCLT3.13 C
14MCLT3.8 B
15MCLT3.8 D
16MCLT3.13 B
17MCLT3.13 B
18MCLT3.8 B
19MCLA3.4 A
20MCLA3.4 B
22MCLT3.15 D
23MCLT3.14 B
24MCLT3.14 C
25MCLT3.15 A
26MCLT3.12 D
27MCLT3.8 A
28MCLT3.15 B
29MCLT3.12 B
30MCLT3.12 B
31MCLT3.12 B
32MCLA3.4 C
33MCLA3.5 C
35MCLT3.17 A
36MCLT3.17 B
37MCLT3.10 B
38MCLA3.5 D
39MCLT3.8 B
40MCLT3.8 C
41MCLT3.13 D
42MCLA3.4 D

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