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John D Hardy

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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 READING

Number of Students Included: 58

John D Hardy - GRADE 03 READING
01MCLT3.898%98%94% 098200A
02MCLT3.12100%97%92% 0100000A
03MCLT3.884%81%69% 0058410C
04MCLT3.1293%91%87% 293050A
05MCLT3.15100%99%97% 0001000C
06MCLT3.1286%88%85% 2210860C
07MCLT3.1290%86%78% 072290D
08MCLT3.1195%93%85% 003952C
09MCLA3.595%82%80% 032950C
10MCLA3.698%98%93% 029800B
11ORLT3.122.532.582.22 0345475
12MCLT3.1390%90%83% 0109000B
13MCLT3.1386%76%70% 0308610C
14MCLT3.1393%90%80% 022393D
15MCLT3.13100%96%91% 0010000B
16MCLA3.491%94%90% 029125B
17SRLT3.131.451.551.34 142859
18MCLT3.17100%98%95% 0
19MCLT3.17100%96%89% 0
20MCLT3.893%89%79% 0
21MCLT3.897%92%86% 0
22MCLT3.1772%71%56% 0
23MCLA3.564%64%64% 0
24MCLA3.478%79%69% 0
25SRLT3.171.641.471.30 03664
26MCLT3.1395%95%92% 0
27MCLT3.1398%97%92% 0
28MCLT3.1383%86%76% 0
29MCLT3.1386%89%85% 0
30MCLT3.1395%94%85% 0
31MCLT3.1590%89%77% 0
32MCLT3.1386%91%79% 0
33MCLT3.1076%84%76% 0
34MCLA3.5100%97%93% 0
35MCLA3.495%95%85% 0
36SRLT3.131.551.421.30 92864
37SRLT3.131.381.321.17 25940
38MCLT3.1583%80%65% 0
39MCLT3.1481%79%65% 0
40MCLT3.1176%85%76% 0
41MCLA3.593%86%81% 0

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