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Next Generation MCAS Tests 2018
Percent of Students at Each Achievement Level for Minot Forest

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GRADE 03 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS2852192843624197 191 492.2N/AN/A13
GRADE 03 - MATHEMATICS2350310204056382012 193 489.6N/AN/A17
GRADE 04 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS395331036435138109 193 494.9 51.3 18624
GRADE 04 - MATHEMATICS424837394141391613 193 493.8 64.8 18532
GRADES 03 - 08 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS345129324257381011 384 493.5 51.3 18620
GRADES 03 - 08 - MATHEMATICS334837304049401812 386 491.7 64.8 18524

Click on any Grade and Subject rows in the table to view Achievement Level in graph.

Note: School achievement percentiles (1-99) compare each group’s average scaled score to the average scaled scores of the same group from all public schools across the state. Only students enrolled in the same school since October 1 are included in calculations, and groups with fewer than 10 students do not receive percentiles.

MCAS Tests of Spring 2018
Percent of Students at Each Achievement Level for Minot Forest

The all grades results in the SCHOOL columns include all tested grades at the school. However, in the STATE columns, the all grades results include only schools in the following school type categories based on the grades served in the most recent year:

  • Elementary School, usually serving grades K-5 or K-6
  • Elementary-Middle School, usually serving grades K-8
  • Middle School, usually serving grades 6-8 or 7-8
  • Middle-High or K-12 School, usually serving grades 7-12 or K-12
  • High School, usually serving grades 9-12

  • NOTE: Grade 10 STE results are reported based on students' best performance on any STE test taken in grade 9 or grade 10; only students continuously enrolled in the state, district, or school from fall of grade 9 through spring of grade 10 are included in state, district, or school results.

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