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Westfield State University

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Below is a list of the Massachusetts public school districts, charter schools or collaboratives identified as partner organizations along with a description of the partnerships. All information is reported by the educator preparation program provider.

Partnership TypeOrganizations
Public Districts Agawam (00050000)
Holyoke (01370000)
Springfield (02810000)
Westfield (03250000)

Partnership Description:
The Westfield Professional Development School Network (WPDS) is a collaborative partnership between WSU and five Westfield Public Schools. WSU facutly and WPS teachers collaborate on numerous activities such as: year long internships, apprenticeships, co-teaching and curriculum planning. Other partnerships with school districts include a full year placement program with Clifford Granger Elementary in Agawam Public School district, Peck and Kelly Full Service Community Schools in Holyoke Public School district and Rebecca Johnson Elementary School in Springfield Public School district.