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Annual Goals

This report lists the annual improvement goals reported to ESE in the educator preparation program provider’s state annual report. Providers may report up to three goals for the upcoming year and are asked to report on progress made toward the prior year’s goals. Annual goals are reported in May of the academic year listed.

Annual Goals - 2018
Goal #1 Develop tools to gather regular, shareable data from our stakeholders, especially candidates and mentor teachers.
Goal #2 Devise ways to better inform first and second year students about how stimulating and rewarding the work of elementary school teachers is.
Goal #3 N/A

Annual Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Use the ESE program review process to gather additional data from stakeholders and use it to improve our programs.
Goal #2 (this question is not required but Survey Gizmo made us choose a domain)
Goal #3 (this question is not required but Survey Gizmo made us choose a domain)

Progress Toward Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Our surveys yielded data useful to us, especially about the satisfaction of our candidates and program alums, and about how we communicate our expectations to mentor teachers.
Goal #2 N/A
Goal #3 N/A

Annual Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Consider experiences from the CAP pilot year and revise our procedures to maximize student teacher learning.
Goal #2 (additional goals are optional)
Goal #3 (additional goals are optional)

Progress Toward Goals - 2016
Goal #1 We reflected on our pilot year with CAP and made some changes in our procedure. We also began using CAP for MIT students after training the new person.
Goal #2 n/a
Goal #3 n/a