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Below is a list of the Massachusetts public school districts, charter schools or collaboratives identified as partner organizations along with a description of the partnerships. All information is reported by the educator preparation program provider.

Partnership TypeOrganizations
Public Districts Amherst (00080000)
Belchertown (00240000)
Deerfield (00740000)
East Longmeadow (00870000)
Easthampton (00860000)
Greenfield (01140000)
Holyoke (01370000)
Longmeadow (01590000)
Northampton (02100000)
Orange (02230000)
Pelham (02300000)
Shutesbury (02720000)
South Hadley (02780000)
Springfield (02810000)
Sunderland (02890000)
Ware (03090000)
West Springfield (03320000)
Westhampton (03270000)
Agricultural/Vocational Franklin County Regional Vocational Technical (08180000)
Regional School Districts Amherst-Pelham (06050000)
Frontier (06700000)
Gill-Montague (06740000)
Hampden-Wilbraham (06800000)
Hampshire (06830000)
Mohawk Trail (07170000)
Pioneer Valley (07500000)
Ralph C Mahar (07550000)
Charter Districts Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter(District) (04970000)
Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public (District) (04790000)

Partnership Description:
Collaboration is one of the five components in our conceptual framework and all programs partner with supervising practitioners, school principals, other content and special education teachers, and district program coordinators in a range of locations through a variety of partnerships. Our database of schools that collaborate on field experiences, pre-practicum and practicum includes over 500 Massachusetts schools. The partnerships that are characterized by deep collaboration among university professional education faculty and P12 personnel in the design, implementation, and evaluation of courses, field and clinical experiences are listed here. To ensure shared expertise and responsibility for candidate learning, the unit administrative team also consults with P12 school personnel. We have rural and urban immersion, field-based pathways that are largely based in school districts for a complete school year and include year long practicum experiences (180 Days in Springfield and Bridges to the Future. Some programs (ACCELA) partner with multiple districts and community agencies toward increasing student learning.

In these pathways, some courses are taught by P12 teachers with expertise in specific content and candidates are mentored and supervised by teachers. Faculty in the unit are consistently involved in a variety of collaborative projects with P12 partners, including research, grants, and professional development activities.