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Below is a list of the Massachusetts public school districts, charter schools or collaboratives identified as partner organizations along with a description of the partnerships. All information is reported by the educator preparation program provider.

Partnership TypeOrganizations
Public Districts Agawam (00050000)
Belchertown (00240000)
Chicopee (00610000)
East Longmeadow (00870000)
Longmeadow (01590000)
Ludlow (01610000)
Springfield (02810000)

Partnership Description:
Springfield College Partnerships

Springfield College has a number of partnerships with a wide variety of schools. Our most comprehensive and long standing partnership is with the Springfield Public Schools. Most recently we celebrate 6 years of our "S-Cubed"/Working Teachers Program, a Springfield College (SC) and Springfield Public Schools (SPS) Partnership in support and development of effective educators in the critical need areas of early childhood, mathematics, moderate disabilities and science who are teaching in Springfield schools that are in need of improvement.

In addition to our district-wide partnership, we have some long standing partnerships with individual SPS schools. Further we partner with a wide variety of schools in the Greater Springfield Area including, Belchertown, Chicopee, Ludlow, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Agawam and non-public schools: Square One, Trinity Nursery School and our own Springfield College Child Development Center (see below for details).

We also have long standing relationships in a great number of school districts in the Greater Springfield Area where we have been placing student teachers for over 50 years.

Springfield Public Schools

DeBerry Elementary
Long standing partnership since 1993 (24 years). SC undergraduates provide one-on-one support for DeBerry students as part of the 24 year old partners program.

Kensington Avenue School
Very strong partnership since 2001 (16 years). Lab school for early childhood, elementary and special education where most students do their pre-practicum. Uses the Responsive Classroom approach for classroom management, the Cornerstone Approach to literacy and has the global perspective of the International Baccalaureate schools.

Springfield Renaissance School
Partners since founding of Renaissance School in 2005 (12 years). Typically host at least two school counseling interns for their practicum and two pre-practicum students since the school's inception. (AmeriCorps partner school) Nearly all of our secondary students have at least one fieldwork experience here. Many SC students serve as individual tutors for Renaissance students. SC has hosted a college planning and enrichment program on campus for Renaissance students.

White Street Elementary, Kiley Middle School, Chestnut Accelerated Middle School, Putnam Vocational-Technical Academy, and High School of Commerce
A team of SC AmeriCorps volunteers, including at least two school counseling interns, work with counselors, teachers and administrators to support at-risk students. Activities include tutoring and other activities to enhance reading, writing and math.

Zanetti Montessori, Mary Lynch School, Glickman Elementary School
Partner schools for PE Design & Implementation, Adapted PE and Community Health courses at PreK-12 levels (depending on school). Student interns teach physical education (including fitness), health, dance and adapted physical education to children with disabilities.

Greater Springfield Area includes elementary, middle and high schools in the following public school districts: Agawam, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow and Ludlow.
Partner schools for PE Design & Implementation course, K-12 (depending on school), teaching physical education within the school's regular PE program and curriculum.

Springfield Non-Public Schools
Springfield College Child Development Center (SCCDC)
Physical education and education students as part of their motor development and early childhood math methods courses partner with the SCCDC to deliver the "Fitness Buddies" and "Math Buddies" programs.
Square One, King Street Preschool and Trinity Nursery School & Kindergarten
Partner school for physical education students as part of the "Instructional Strategies" course.

Updated April 28, 2019