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Annual Goals

This report lists the annual improvement goals reported to ESE in the educator preparation program provider’s state annual report. Providers may report up to three goals for the upcoming year and are asked to report on progress made toward the prior year’s goals. Annual goals are reported in May of the academic year listed.

Annual Goals - 2018
Goal #1 Review and revise early field work/pre-practicum requirements and benchmarks to ensure alignment with pending ESE Guidelines.
Goal #2 Implement program changes and enhancements based on findings from Faculty Innovations Grant in Diversity and Academic Excellence Grant and on-going program assessment efforts.
Goal #3 Review and revise the Graduate School of Education strategic plan to respond to shifts in internal and regulatory/accreditation requirements.

Annual Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Improve the formal structure for teacher candidates to connect with a member of the advising team prior to enrollment and then regularly during their program of study with required face-to-face meetings.
Goal #2 Create a strategic plan for more effectively recruiting and supporting students from diverse backgrounds in teacher preparation program based on action research and dialogue with stakeholders.
Goal #3 Re-evaluate policies for early field work and practicum placements to support growth of cohort model within school placements in order to positively impact the candidate experience.

Progress Toward Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Our teacher preparation advising team, which includes academic advisors, field placement personnel and faculty, created an infrastructure to connect with students in person and via virtual meeting upon acceptance and enrollment and periodically during the program of study. 100% of candidates have an individual advising and assessment session in advance of the student teaching practicum.
Goal #2 Teacher preparation faculty were awarded an Faculty Innovations Grant in Diversity and Academic Excellence Grant during the to inform program changes to diversify our teacher candidate cohort and ensure the efficacy of all program completers to educate students of diverse backgrounds. Grant activities have had the immediate impact of increased input from stakeholders. Data suggests that our teacher candidate pool is slightly more diverse than the year prior with an increase of .02%.
Goal #3 With a pending revision of early field work Guidelines from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we delayed a partial revision for a comprehensive review of requirements to ensure alignment in accordance with the established timeline.

Annual Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Continue to facilitate regular meetings of the teacher preparation faculty and administration across levels and between colleges across the University to foster collaboration in order to improve candidate preparation.
Goal #2 Utilize internal and external data to inform strategic decisions that impact teacher preparation, candidates and schools and document impact.
Goal #3 Strengthen training for Supervising Practitioners and Program Supervisors regarding CAP and strategies for providing meaningful feedback and positively impacting teacher candidate effectiveness.

Progress Toward Goals - 2016
Goal #1 The graduate and undergraduate teacher preparation faculty are now fully integrated, meet regularly, reflect on candidate progress, program effectiveness and teach across program levels.
Goal #2 To support continuous improvement, teacher preparation faculty considered internal assessment data and feedback, CAP ratings, ESE survey data, as well as evaluation information from Edwin Analytics at a data retreat.
Goal #3 The Field Office further developed in person and virtual training and support for Supervising Practitioners and Program Supervisors, archived 15 recorded sessions in the past academic year and enhanced communications to all members of the student teaching triad.