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Annual Goals

This report lists the annual improvement goals reported to ESE in the educator preparation program provider’s state annual report. Providers may report up to three goals for the upcoming year and are asked to report on progress made toward the prior year’s goals. Annual goals are reported in May of the academic year listed.

Annual Goals - 2018
Goal #1 Track and evaluate candidate pass/fail rates of MTEL exams to provide remediation leading to candidate success.
Goal #2 We will continue to work w/methods faculty, supervising practitioners, and focus groups to better build candidate readiness for full responsibility in the classroom.
Goal #3 The Chair, faculty, and student teacher coordinator will work with PK-12 partners to identify and provide access to Pk-12 classrooms for observations appropriate for student teaching environments.

Annual Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Will continue to hold focus group meetings at least once per semester.
Goal #2 Will continue to work with Supervising Practitioners to strengthen field-based experiences.
Goal #3 Will continue to review Music Education courses once per semester to insure that all course met the PST and SMK requirements.

Progress Toward Goals - 2017
Goal #1 We have at least one focus group meeting per semester for all focus groups: 9/19/16; 9/26/16; 11/14/16; 4/24/17
Goal #2 Offered Supervising Practitioner orientation meetings each semester for the next semester's supervising practitioners: 12/14/16; 5/10/17 Held one focus group meeting with supervising practitioners on 9/26/16
Goal #3 Added PST and SMK descriptions to all Music Ed syllabi as requested in our MA-DESE program approval feedback. Also established a policy that requires faculty who teach different sections of same courses to meet once a semester to make sure courses align and that all courses are meeting PST and SMK requirements. First met 1/18/17.

Annual Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Formation of three focus groups: Music Education Advisory Board (15 members) Music Education Focus Group: Teacher Preparation Program Leaders (6 members) Music Education Focus Group: Supervising Practitioners (open to all music teachers in Metro-Boston area schools) Purpose: To seek input for continuous improvement and to inform strategic decisions that impact PK-12 teacher education.
Goal #2 Pilot CAP program as part of field-based experience for candidates to provide training for both candidates and Supervising Practitioners as well as to solicit feedback and refine use of CAP.
Goal #3 Make a thorough review of music education courses to ensure we meet all PST and SMK requirements. Courses that are taught by multiple professors are being aligned to make sure all sections of one course are meeting the same goals.

Progress Toward Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Three focus groups met several times throughout the year: Supervising Practitioners met: 9/29/15, 12/9/15, 1/26/16, 4/27/16 Advisory Board met: 9/22/15, 1/19/16, 2/23/16, 4/26/16 Program Leaders met: 9/30/15
Goal #2 Piloted the new CAP forms and online platform. We are now in fill implementation of the revised CAP form and the online platform and continue to make use of these materials as part of field based experience process.
Goal #3 Held course alignment meetings throughout the year. Courses were reviewed and both materials and course content were revised where necessary so that all students receive the most appropriate instruction.