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Annual Goals

This report lists the annual improvement goals reported to ESE in the educator preparation program provider’s state annual report. Providers may report up to three goals for the upcoming year and are asked to report on progress made toward the prior year’s goals. Annual goals are reported in May of the academic year listed.

Annual Goals - 2018
Goal #1 At this time our goal is to make all students whole by the end of June 2018 as we close down our programs.
Goal #2 To provide assitance to our students in the completion of their programs as we meet a closing deadline.
Goal #3 To make sure our current partners are alerted to the closing of our programs.

Annual Goals - 2017
Goal #1 To increase the skill and efficiency of the CAP supervisors.
Goal #2 Engage and acclimate the new Program Manager for the Alternative Practiced Based program to the organization.
Goal #3 Provide increased support to both candidates in the Alternative Practiced Based program and the Principal's license program.

Progress Toward Goals - 2017
Goal #1 During this academic year our organization began to utilize the on-line CAP program for our teacher licensure students. We also helped our supervisors to negotiate this system.
Goal #2 We had a new program manager join us. We trained and mentored the program manager in the CAP program.
Goal #3 We provided individual support for our APB program students in the use of the CAP. We also worked with our Principal licensure program students in the completion of the PAL tasks.

Annual Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Implement new courses for the Alternative Practice Based program.
Goal #2 Continue to prepare for the Department's formal review of all programs.
Goal #3 Faculty will continue to align instruction of the Alternative Practice Based program.

Progress Toward Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Our initial goal was to align all of our Alternative Practice Based Program to the new PST. We have now completed this task by rewriting two courses and to redesign our practicum experience to include the CAP.
Goal #2 Our second goal was to prepare our documents for the departments forma review of our programs. We have completed the initial portion of this work but now have received and extention on our timeline for the formal review on-site visit.
Goal #3 The last goal was to align our instruction in the Alternative Based Program to the needs of the students and the goals and standards of DESE. This has been completed.