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2017 Official Accountability Data - State Totals

Organization Information
District:State Totals (00000000)School type:-
School:State Totals (00000000)Grades served:-
Region:-Title I status:-
Accountability Information
Accountability and Assistance Level
This school's overall performance relative to other schools in same school type (School percentiles: 1-99)
All students:-
2017 Assessment Participation
Student Group English Language Arts Mathematics Science
EnrolledAssessed%Met Target EnrolledAssessed%Met Target EnrolledAssessed%Met Target
All Students 507,04250201199Yes 506,97650287299Yes 217,38721531799Yes
High needs 242,90223907898Yes 242,75023988999Yes 99,9139844699Yes
Econ. Disadvantaged 172,43216974498Yes 172,32017032599Yes 70,5716952499Yes
ELL and Former ELL 64,9296348498Yes 64,8166439099Yes 24,3262402999Yes
Students w/disabilities 95,9239379298Yes 95,9209414398Yes 40,6503978598Yes
Amer. Ind. or Alaska Nat. 1,142112599Yes 1,141112499Yes 48947898Yes
Asian 33,8603362199Yes 33,85433747100Yes 14,18814121100Yes
Afr. Amer./Black 44,3814383299Yes 44,4034402199Yes 19,0061878499Yes
Hispanic/Latino 98,3409680198Yes 98,2519734499Yes 40,4813997699Yes
Multi-race, Non-Hisp./Lat. 17,3001713399Yes 17,2981711799Yes 6,825674999Yes
Nat. Haw. or Pacif. Isl. 40139699Yes 400399100Yes 18318299Yes
White 311,53930902499Yes 311,50530899699Yes 136,17213498499Yes

NOTE: In 2017, assessment participation was calculated two ways: First, the 2017 participation rate for each subgroup in each subject area test was calculated. If the actual 2017 participation rate was lower than 95 percent (high schools) or 90 percent (schools and districts administering Next-Generation MCAS test in grades 3-8) for any group in any subject, that rate was compared to the average of the most recent two years of assessment participation data for that group and subject. The higher of the two resulting rates was factored into the assignment of the school or district's 2017 accountability and assistance level.

Interpretive Materials
Glossary of 2017 Accountability Terms